Christ's humility is magnified in the incarnation. As we celebrate Christmas, we reflect on the staggering sacrifice that Jesus made. The one who created the world, who rules over all creation, who sustains and upholds every molecule in the universe, dwelt among us. The king of kings became a baby. This Christmas, come adore the humble king. 


Come Adore The Humble King

Come adore the humble King
Lowly in the manger
Fall before His majesty
Hail the little Savior
Hope, what hope no tongue could tell
God has come with us to dwell
His name is Emmanuel
O praise the humble King

Come adore in humble state
He the song of angels
Join the wise who call His name
And with all creation
Who, oh, who would condescend
God unknown now calls us friend
Love that none could comprehend
O praise the humble King

Come adore the King who came
To our world to save us
Born to heal our prideful race
Crown us with forgiveness
Fall, oh, fall before the one
Who in mercy left His throne
Christ the Lord, God's only Son
His glories now we sing
O praise the humble King

Come adore, come adore
Come adore the King
Bow before, come adore
The Name above all names


"Come Adore The Humble King"
Words and music by Matt Boswell and Matt Papa
© 2018 Getty Music Publishing (BMI)/Messenger Hymns (BMI)/Getty Music Hymns and Songs (ASCAP)/ Love Your Enemies Publishing (ASCAP)/Adm by MusicServices.org