As God's messengers approach Pharaoh and his magicians in Exodus 7:8-13, a test of power previews what is to come in the plagues. What is clearly seen in the sign of the serpent is that God's power triumphs over all lesser powers. The implications for us are clear - we must not fear or trust anything but God.

Listen to "The Superior Power of God"


This week we will cover the first nine plagues from Exodus 7:14-10:29. Because the text is long this week, please be sure to read it in its entirety before Sunday. As you do, consider these questions:

  • In what ways do God's promises to the patriarchs form the background for this story? (Gen. 12:1-3; 15:13-14; 46:1-4; 48:21; 50:24)
  • As we observe the progression of Pharaoh's increasingly hard heart, and the increasing of the plagues, what does this tell us about the
  • nature of God's justice?
  • What was Israel's role in this sequence of events? How does this parallel our own experience of salvation?

Let's pray for the word to go forth with power, and for God's glory to be seen and known. Let's pray our hearts would be hungry for and responsive to God's truth, and that our faith would be strengthened.