A little bit of planning and being intentional can go a long way in making Sunday morning a time of meaningful worship. Here are five tips:

1. Get set up early.

"Arrive" before the stream is scheduled to begin, that way you don't miss anything. Take a moment to pray together for yourselves and for the church body. There are three ways to watch:

2. Try to watch on the biggest screen possible.

A computer is better than a phone. A TV is better than a computer. For those of you with a smart TV or a streaming stick (Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV), using the Youtube App may be easiest way to access the live stream. You may also be able to attach a laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable and watch it that way.

3. Plan to focus and give your full attention.

Refuse the temptation to "multitask" and instead set everything else aside, mute your phone (if you aren't using it to watch!) and make this a time of worship.

3. Sing out loud!

It may feel strange to sing alone or with only a few people, but remember - we sing to God for His pleasure. He is pleased with sincere and joyful worship no matter how skillfully we sing!

4. Cultivate fellowship. 

If you are watching with others, make the time following our live stream a time of intentional fellowship. Rather than immediately finding something else to watch, or dispersing to do your own thing in another room, engage together instead. Discuss the sermon, share how God encouraged you. Pray together. If you are alone, consider calling someone else from the body and making a personal connection that way.


One of things we miss most about Sunday morning is seeing the faces of those we love. Would you mind sending us a picture? We would love to see what Sunday looks like in your home. Text your photo of Sunday worship to (785) 292-9398 or email it to info@rhlawrence.org. 

Thank you!