At Redemption Hill we have been blessed to have so many humble and eager musicians who serve us faithfully. We will be introducing a song on Sundays that they have been working on together, based on a text from an old German Baptist hymnal given to Carey Wilson by one of our members. Carey was struck by this text and wrote a tune for it (the old hymnal has only lyrics, no written music). He also supplied additional lyrics for the chorus. We hope this song will help us express our need in worship to Christ at Redemption Hill. 



Open My Eyes
1. You are the source of true delight,
Unseen, whom I adore
Unvail your beauty to my sight,
that I might love you more!
Your glory o'er creation shines,
but in your sacred word
I read in fairer, brighter lines my pleading, dying Lord

Open my eyes, show me your glory,
Tell me again the old, old story!
How you died and rose again,
To redeem my life from sin,
Maker of life, grant me my sight,
Open my eyes!

2. When all my joys and comforts fall,
and sins and sorrows rise,
Your love with cheerful beams of hope
my fainting heart supplies.
Jesus, my Lord My life, my light,
O come with blissful ray!
Break, radiant, through the shades of night,
And chase my fears away!