This past Sunday we considered the words of Jesus to the rich young ruler, "You lack one thing." What this man lacked was Jesus. His self-reliance and love for his posessions were keeping him from following Jesus, the only one who could give him eternal life. This week let's remember that the law is not a path to salvation, but rather a reminder of our need for Christ. Let's beware of the seductive promises of wealth and seek to love God with all our hearts. If there is something competing with Christ for supremacy in your heart, ask that God would empower you to "lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely," and look to Jesus as we run the race.

If you would like to listen to Sunday's sermon you can find it here.


As you prepare to come and worship together this Sunday, take some time to read Mark 10:32-45. Pray for me as I prepare, pray for unbelievers in our midst who need to hear the gospel, and pray for all of us to have a soft heart and a willingness to respond in faith, repentance, and obedience.


Just a reminder that this week everyone is invited to our home to enjoy some time eating together, and to discuss the progress and direction of our church. Families, please bring enough to feed your crew plus one more. Single folks, plan to bring a dessert or beverages and paper goods (napkins/plates/cups/utensils). It might be good to talk among yourselves and make sure not everyone brings napkins!

Come at 5:30 and we will plan to eat around 6pm. At 7pm we will begin our meeting.


Don't forget that on Wednesday April 20th there will be a couple's shower for Gabe and Katie at the home of the Millers. If you would like to bless them with a gift, they are registered at Target, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, and Bed Bath & Beyond.


As we announced Sunday, we are asking members of the church to nominate biblically qualified men who could serve as deacons. Please send your nominations to me (JD Summers) within the next two weeks. Once the nominations are all in, I will meet with qualifying individuals nominated and see who is willing to serve in this capacity. At that point we will ask the congregation to vote to confirm these men to serve as deacons at Redemption Hill. More information about their specific roles will be shared on Sunday night.