This past Sunday Pastor Brian Warne (missionary pastor to Mexico) opened up Colossians 4:2-4 and challenged us to pray for the sake of the gospel and open our mouths to communicate the good news of the supremacy of Jesus Christ. How are you doing this week? Let's be fervent and frequent in prayer, and let's be bold and clear with the gospel as we seek opportunities to share with the lost.

If you missed the sermon Sunday you can listen here


This week we have the privilege of hearing from our missionary to Brazil, Roger Johansen. Please pray for him this week as he prepare, and pray that God would use the preaching of the word to exalt Jesus, to encourage the saints, and to bring the lost to faith.


Here is the schedule for the upcoming missions summit at Countryside. Amanda Bucher will have a sign-up on Sunday and receipes (Mexican and Brazilian) for those planning to come to the missions-themed potluck dinner Friday night.

6:00 PM Friday, June 10th - Missions Keynote Message and Dinner
6:30 PM Saturday, June 11 - Countryside Missions, Past, Present and Future
5:30 PM Sunday, June 12 - Q&A and Reception