Last Sunday we had the privilege of hearing from our missionary to Brazil, pastor Roger Johansen. He opened up Isaiah 40 and called us to behold our God. What are your thoughts of God? Do you see Him rightly, as He has revealed Himself in His word? If we have a small view of God, small thoughts of God, small faith in God, we will be susceptible to fear and plagued by distraction. But when we see Him as He is we cannot help but be changed. Let's read the word this week with a desire to see God and pray to Him with faith that He is majestic and supreme, holy and gracious, rightous and loving.

If you would like to listen pastor Roger's sermon you can find it here.


This Sunday we will return to our study in Mark. Please take a few moments to read Mark 11:27-12:12 and pray for understanding and insight. Pray that we would see God as He has revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Pray that unbelievers would respond to the call to repent and believe. Pray that the Holy Spirit would apply the word to our hearts and make us more like Jesus.


This coming week Steven and Bradi Parkin will be taking a group of teens from Redemption Hill to camp along with a group from Countryside. Pray for Steven as he teaches each day at the retreat, and for all who attend to be affected by the truth of God's word.


This weekend is the missions summit at Countryside Baptist Church (our sending church). The schedule will be:

6pm Friday evening (dinner and keynote message)
6:30pm Saturday evening (presentation of past, present and future ministries)
5:30pm Sunday evening (Panel Q&A Discussion, reception)

If you plan to come Friday evening, please contact Amanda Bucher and she can give you the Mexican and Brazilian recipies that everyone is making for the potluck dinner.


Below is the information for the men's float trip Countryside is planning. All men at Redemption Hill age 18 and older are invited to come. 

Dates: Friday, July 8 at 9:30AM at Countryside to Saturday to July 9 at 10:00PM.

The approximate cost will be $130 if staying in a cabin and $90 if camping. This will include everything except dinner on the return trip on Saturday evening. Depending on the number wanting to stay in cabins will determine the destination to be determined after signups are complete. The last day to sign up is Sunday, June 19th. More information will be available after the final signup deadline.

There are three current possible destinations:

We need to know if you:

  • Camp or stay in a cabin
  • Want to canoe or Kayak
  • Can drive your vehicle and how many passengers you can take comfortably