Last Sunday we looked at the question brought to Jesus about taxation in Mark 12:13-17. Jesus answered their question, but raised the issue of a higher obligation; their ultimate obligation to the authority of God. To "render to God the things that are God's" means to offer to Him all we have and all we are. As the One who has created us in His image, who also has redeemed us through the blood of His Son, we belong to Him twice over! This week, is your heart, your time, your resources, your agenda submitted to Him? Let's not rob God of what is rightly His, but joyfully open our hearts and our hands to Him in worship.

Listen to Sunday's sermon "Taxes and Theology"


This week's sermon will be from Mark 12:18-27. Please take a few minutes to read our text and pray that God would speak to us through His word, that we would have soft and teachable hearts, and that Jesus would be exalted in our church. Pray for those who might be visiting, that the gospel would be clearly understood and humbly received. Please pray for me as I prepare as well.