On Sunday we considered the sobering account of Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. Why was He so filled with dread? He knew what He was about to experience - the burden of sin was about to placed on His shoulders and He would soon bear the active wrath of God such sin deserves. But in the face of unimaginable suffering Jesus submitted His will to the Father and resolved to obey. By His obedience we are saved. When we consider the cost of our sin and the sacrifice of our Savior, it should produce a spirit of hostility in us towards our remaining sin and fill us with a deeper love for Jesus. May sin become more bitter and Christ all the more sweet as we reflect on the suffering of our Savior.

Listen to "Agony in the Garden"


As we prepare to gather for worship this week, take a few minutes to read through Mark 14:43-52. What do you see displayed in the acts and words of Jesus? What can we learn about ourselves in light of the disciples' failure? How do these truths inspire worship and obedience? Let's pray for open eyes, tender hearts, and a clearer understanding of Christ's work of redemption.


Just a reminder that we are having our monthly open house for young adults (college students and beyond, single folks and newly married) at the Summers' house (3510 W 10th St) Friday night at 7pm. We plan on this being an informal time of deepening relationships within the church and showing the love of Christ to those are not yet part of the body.