Sunday's sermon from Mark 15:16-32 offered a sobering reminder of the suffering and scorn Jesus suffered on the cross. Though Jesus is the true king, He was reviled instead of reverenced, abused instead of honored. But Jesus endured all of it for the sake of our salvation. His mercy triumphed over injustice. JC Ryle writes, "Let the cross be often before our minds. Rightly understood, no object in all Christianity is so likely to have a sanctifying as well as comforting effect on our souls." Might our hearts be sanctified and comforted by the truth of the cross this week.

Listen to Sunday's sermon "Suffering and Scorn"


This week we will be studying Mark 15:33-39. I invite you to prepare your heart for worship by reading and reflecting on this text with me this week, and praying that the Holy Spirit would accomplish His work in us. Pray with me that those who do not know Christ would hear the good news of His sacrificial death and believe.


Following our time of worship Sunday we will be making a brief presentation to propose a budget for 2017. We will also distribute a printed copy of this proposed budget for review, so that questions can be addressed over the next two weeks. A congregational vote to approve the budget will be held on December 4th.


Sunday night will be the opening night of J2J tours. There about 300 people involved in the production, and about 6,000 signed up to attend (counting the four nights in December). Please pray for the multiple Redemption Hill members who are serving in this Christmas outreach (along with many others from Countryside) and pray that those attending would understand the gospel message at the heart of Christmas. You can learn more about the event at