On Sunday we focused on the centrality of the gospel to our mission as a church. In fact, the success of our mission requires faithfulness to the gospel. It is through the ministry of the gospel that God is revealing His glory, transforming sinners and growing disciples. The gospel shapes our church's convictions, emphasizing sin as the main problem in the world, Christ as the only solution, and heart-change as the goal. The gospel shapes our church's culture as well, producing a sense of both serious urgency and patience, deep humility and real lasting joy. Are you dwelling on the glorious good news this week? Are you standing firm without compromise on the truth of the gospel? Are you passionately emphasizing these truths in your own heart, with your family, in your fellowship? Are you pursuing actual gospel fluency and seeking to boldly proclaim this message to the lost? Let's not forget the gospel or abandon in search of something more "relevant" or "effective," but rather let's seek to boast only in the cross as we seek to glorify God by being and making disciples of Jesus.

You can listen online to "The Centrality of the Gospel to Our Mission"

In addition to personal bible study, the resource recommended Sunday was a book by Greg Gilbert titled "What is the Gospel?"


This Sunday (weather permitting) we will conclude our series on the mission of the church by considering the necessity of unity to to our mission. Would you join me in praying for doctrinal and relational unity in our body? And let's pray that God would remove barriers in our hearts that keep us from engaging in authentic relationships where discipleship happens.


The weather forecast is showing a possibility of ice accumulation this weekend. On Saturday afternoon we will make a decision about whether canceling our Sunday morning worship service is necessary. If we do decide to cancel we will post it on the front page of the website, post it to social media (facebook and twitter), and send out an email as well. You can look for official communication in those places.