Last Sunday's sermon on Mark 15:33-39 dealt with the death of Jesus on the cross. The onset of darkness and Jesus's cry of anguish reveal the horror of the cross - it is a place of cosmic judgment against sin. It is where the cup of God's wrath is poured out and the Son forsaken as He bears the the burden of sin. But the tearing of the curtain and the confession of the centurion reveal the power of the cross - in His death Jesus accomplished His mission of providing atonement and has opened the way to God for all who believe. The cross also serves as a powerful act of revelation and calls for a decision. The centurion saw and believed. What will you do with this Jesus? Will you see the horror of sin and judgment and believe in Christ's power to save? Let's remember the great cost paid for our salvation and believe in Christ's power to save.


This week we will be looking at Mark 15:40-16:8. As usual, we invite everyone to prayerfully read through this text and prepare your hearts for our time of worship Sunday. May we be submitted to God's Spirit as we come to praise His name and receive His word.


Our next youth activity will be on Sunday evening December 11th at Steven and Bradi's home from 5-8pm. Please remind your sons/daughters to bring their notes on Ephesians 2:8-10. Steven and Bradi would like to ask for an RSVP at so they can get a head count. Thanks!