This past week we considered the biblical case for church membership.If there is not a clearly defined membership, the New Testament metaphors for the church are distorted, we stray from the precedent set in the 1st century, and many of the instructions given to the church just don't make sense. We also examined two requirements for church membership - biblical conversion and baptism. As we pursue establishing membership at Redemption Hill, it is important that we all understand exactly what God desires to see in His church. If you were unable to be there I would encourage you to listen to this important message. You can access the audio here.


This week we will look at the duties and blessings that come with church membership. After looking at the teaching of scripture on this topic I plan to present our church covenant, which outlines a series of biblical commitments that we ask people to make when they join. Please pray with me that God will unite our body around these biblical commitments as we pursue formally establishing membership at Redemption Hill.


For those of you going to the Ironmen Summit, let's plan on meeting in the Walmart parking lot on Ioawa St at 7:15am Saturday (we need to hit the road by 7:30). The conference will be over by 5pm, and then we will head back to Lawrence and maybe grab some food. I am really looking forward to attending this year's event with you all!


Due to some increases in blood pressure there is a possibility that Amanda may be induced this week. Be praying that their little girl would arrive safely and that Caleb and Amanda would experience God's grace during this exciting time. If you would like to take them a meal you can sign up here, and if you are wanting to visit them after the baby is born you can text/call Caleb to make sure it's a good time to stop by.


Countryside is hosting a women's retreat March 11-12th in Overland Park. If you are interested in attending you can find out details here.