Last week we examined the doctrine of the scriptures and considered what is at stake if we get it wrong, how scripture is under attack, and how we should respond to the truth that God's word is inspired, inerrant, authoritative, complete, and sufficient. Remember we are not aiming to simply get this truth into our minds, but into our hearts, producing a desire to know God more as we seek Him in His word.

Listen to The Doctrine of Scripture


This week we will be looking into the doctrine of the triune God. I encourage you to read what our statement of faith says about this crucial doctrine and to examine the supporting scriptures. Pray with me that God would expand our minds to understand this truth and fill our hearts to love Him more. Also, if you have specific questions about this doctrine I would love to hear from you as I prepare for Sunday.


The event at Countryside this Saturday will be aimed at preparing the next generation to carry on the mission of the church. Let's pray that those attending would be encouraged and equipped as they sit under the teaching of the word. The event starts at 8:30am and will conclude at 4:30pm.