This last week we considered the doctrine of the triune God. This doctrine is essential to the Christian faith and upholds the comprehensive teaching of scripture that God is three distinct persons (Father, Son, and Spirit), all three persons are fully God, and that there is only one God. This doctrine provides the basis for relationships, hints at the order that is to exist in the family and in the church, and is crucial to our understanding of the gospel itself. May we be moved to awe and worship as we consider the majesty and glory of the God who is three in one.

Listen to The Doctrine of the Triune God


This week we will focus on the first person of the trinity - God the Father. Take a few minutes to read through our statement on God the Father and pray that we would see God as He truly is and respond in worship and awe. Pray that the unbelievers who are attending would come to know God as Father by placing their faith in Jesus Christ.