This past Sunday we considered Christ's warning of future judgment in Mark 9:42-48 and the implications of that warning for our lives. Are you taking the warning to heart? Are you "putting to death the deeds of the body" (Rom. 8:13)? If we are truly born again we will love Jesus more than we love our sin, and we will be willing to do whatever it takes to make war against our sin. But this warning of judgment should also cause our hearts to break for those who do not know Christ. Just as Jesus wept over Jerusalem (Matt. 23:37) and Paul mourned over the hard hearts of his kinsmen (Rom. 9:1-5) so our hearts should go out to those in need of salvation. Hell is real and we do not love people well by minimizing its horrors. Let's rejoice this week in the salvation we have in Christ, live out the holy implications of that salvation, and offer the good news of life in Jesus name to all who will hear.

If you would like to listen to last week's sermon you can find it here.


This week we will focus on Mark 9:49-50. I invite you to prayerfully read through it with me this week and ask that God would give us a clear understanding of this potentially confusing text so that we might rightly respond to it in obedience and faith.


This Sunday all of our jr. high and high school age studends are invited to come to Steven and Bradi Parkin's house (902. N Michigan St) from 5-8pm for pizza and a time of getting to know the Parkins. Steven and Bradi have a desire to serve and disciple teenagers and are excited to begin building this ministry.