On Sunday we began our series on our statement of faith by asking the question, "Does doctrine matter?" As we considered the teaching of scripture we concluded that right doctrine is incredibly important. It matters to God, for He wants to be known truly and worshiped rightly and obeyed fully, and He has revealed Himself to us in His word for this purpose. Right doctrine also matters for believers, because knowing doctrine is part of our sanctification, equips us for ministry, and protects us from error and the enemy. And right doctrine matters for the church. It strengthens our unity, serves as a guide for aspiring teachers and as a tool to evaluate potential leaders. This means we as a church need to clear teaching on right doctrine, and you as an individual need to know and understand God's truth. Let's approach God's word in private and on Sundays with open hearts and desire to have our minds "renewed in knowledge after the image of our creator" (Col. 3:10).

Listen to Doctrine Matters


This week we will be examining the doctrine of scripture. In preparation I encourage you to read our statement on scripture and consider the texts from which we draw our understanding of this doctrine. Pray for me as I prepare and for those who will be hearing the word preached, both believers and unbelievers. If you have any questions about this doctrine I would love to hear from you as I prepare this week!


Saturday the 18th is the Next Generation Summit at Countryside Baptist Church. The event starts at 8:30am and will conclude at 4:30pm. Don't forget to bring your $10 to cover meals and books!