Jesus is alive! As Christians we cling to and celebrate this truth not only on Easter, but every Sunday. In fact, as an essential pillar of our faith, the historical reality of the ressurection has a daily significance for us. It reveals and confirms that God always wins, that Jesus is who He said He was, and that there is hope for sinners like us. Because Jesus rose, we know atonement was made. Because Jesus rose, we know we too will rise. Because Jesus rose, we know He continues to minister on our behalf as our mediator, our priest, our advocate. These truths call for faith and offer hope! May we confidently believe this good news and boldly declare to those in darkness the power of the resurrection.

If you would like to listen to last week's sermon, you can find it here.


We will return to our study through Mark this week by looking at Mark 10:17-31. I invite you to prayerfully read through this text in preparation for our time of worship in the word this Sunday. Pray with me that our eyes would be open to see what might be competing with God for our heart's allegience, and that we would be willing to forsake our idols and follow Christ with an undivided heart.


On Sunday April 10th everyone is invited to come to our home (3510 W. 10th St) at 5:30pm for a meal and a church family meeting. We will plan to eat around 6pm and then have a meeting at 7pm to discuss our current progress as a church and consider what the next steps are for our body. Questions and discussion are welcome. We will put out details on what to bring for the meal in the next week or two.


Due to the closing date getting moved, the Humphreys will not be need our help moving into their new home on Saturday. Stay tuned, as hopefully soon they will be able to get things finalized! In the meanwhile we can pray the details get worked out and God gives them patience to work through all this.


Please pray for Carolyn, who is 13 and dealing with sickle cell lymphoma. Below is an update from her grandmother Jan that I received yesterday:

Please pray with us for Carolyn. She began running a fever last night and had to go to Children's Mercy at about 2 am this morning. We don't know what is causing the fever, but her immune system's numbers are down fairly low. I feel confident she will be there the mandatory 48 hrs for sure. How much longer will depend on what they find to be the cause. She just has not been well for several weeks. Please pray as well for the rest of the family. We quickly found at the start of Carolyn's illness that when one in the family has cancer, it effects the whole family. The boys have been real troopers throughout the ordeal, but they have sacrificed a lot.


Just a reminder that all jr high and high school students are invited to Scott and Carolyn Huffman's home at 5:30pm Sunday evening. Steve and Bradi Parkin are excited to be discipling our youth and will be sharing their testimonies. Chipping in a couple bucks to help cover the cost of pizza would be appreciated!