Sunday we tacked the controversial and complex issues of gender, marriage, and sexuality. Though our culture is awash with competing truth claims concerning morality and personal freedom, the bible's teaching is clear. God's design is authoritative. God's decrees are authoritative. And His design and decree are good. For those who recognize the truth of God's word but face the difficulty of disordered desires, the good news of the gospel provides freedom from the past, strength for the present, and hope for the future. Therefore it is the gospel that must be at the forefront of our ministry to those who deal with gender dysphoria and/or same-sex attraction, both outside the church and within.

Listen to Gender, Marriage, and Sexuality.


Death comes before resurrection. On Friday we will be meeting at 7pm to reflect on the suffering and death of Jesus. His death was horrific, but it was necessary. Necessary because of our sin. We will review together the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross and remind ourselves of why Jesus had to die, and what that death signified. Our service will end in silent darkness, but we will return Sunday to celebrate the victory of Christ over death!


Easter is a special day for believers to rejoice in the truth of Christ's resurrection. On Sunday we will gather to worship our risen Savior and consider on the unique power of His resurrection. Pray with me that our affections for Christ would be stirred and that our faith would be strengthened. Pray for any unbelievers who may be in our midst, that they would hear the good news and trust in the finished work of Christ, who died and rose again.


Our friends at Mission Road Bible Church in Kansas City are hosting a regional conference for singles in their 20's and 30's on on Saturday, April 22nd. This is a great opportunity to be encouraged in your walk with Christ, to be equipped to minister effectively and faithfully during this season of life, and to enjoy the fellowship of others from like-minded churches. We are excited to recommend this event to all who are able to attend. You can learn more and register for the event at Sign up soon if you plan to go!


On Thursday April 27th the Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence will be hosting their annual banquet from 7-9pm in the Ballroom of the KU Memorial Union. If you would be interested in attending and learning more about this local ministry, please contact Craig Miller.