This past weekend we reflected on Christ's suffering (Good Friday) and His victory over death (Resurrection Day). On Sunday we looked at Peter's sermon in Acts 2 and considered the sacrifical nature of Christ's work, the supernatural victory of Christ's work, and the saving power of Christ's work. Because of what Jesus has done we can live without guilt, without fear, and with hope, no matter what happens. Though Easter may be over, let's not forget that the person and work of Christ are central to our life and faith all year around! 

Listen to "The Unique Power of the Resurrection"


This Sunday we will return to our series on doctrine, working through our church's statement of faith. We will be addressing the often misunderstood doctrine of divine election. Though this topic is frequently debated and can be controversial, the scripture is astonishingly clear. Please pray with me that we would approach this truth with humility, a teachable spirit, a commitment to unity, and a willingness to believe what God's word says.


On Mother's Day, May 14th, we will not have access to the Carnegie building on Sunday morning. Instead we will be meeting at the Arterra Event Gallery at 2161 Quail creek Drive. For those who are interested, we have the option to stay and enjoy a catered lunch after our time of worship is over. If you would like to take advantage of this, please sign up Sunday on the back table. There will likely be a small cost involved but it should be reasonable.