On Sunday we looked at the biblical teaching on the doctrine of election, God's sovereign choice of who will be saved. Though this is a difficult doctrine for some to embrace, it is not an obscure teaching of scripture. As we read God's word we are confronted with this truth from start to finish. Will we try to explain it away in order to make God's word "fit" our preconceived ideas? Will we constrain Him with our assumptions of what He ought to be like? Or will we let scripture speak and follow where the text leads us? The doctrine of election tells us much about God, about ourselves, and about the nature of our salvation. Practically this doctrine ought bring comfort, ought to energize prayer and evangelism, and ought to humble us and compel us to worship God for His matchless grace.

Listen to "The Doctrine of Election"


This week we will continue our study of doctrine by examining what the bible teaches about sanctification, the process by which we become more like Jesus. You can read our statement on the website and examine the relevant scriptures linked there. Pray with me that our hearts would be open, God's Spirit would be active, God's word received, God's people changed, and God's name glorified.


Unfortunately, the lunch we were planning on Mothers Day fell through. There was a conflict in the scheduling at the Arterra Event Gallery and we will not be able to stay past noon. We still plan to meet there for morning worship however on May 14th.


Steven Parkin sent out information about summer camp for students grades 7-12. If you did not receive that email or need additional information, please let Steven know and he can make sure to fill you in.