This last week we examined the doctrine of creation, focusing specifically on the often contested question of whether the biblical account fits with the claims of evolutionary scientists. We presented two reasons why we interpret Genesis 1-2 in a simple and literal sense: a textual reason, and a theological reason. We believe this is the best way to interpret Genesis, and that the gospel itself requires an historical Adam who was not the product of evolution. Our conviction that the six days were literal 24-hour periods is important, but we acknowledge that many will disagree. While this (in itself) is not a matter of orthodoxy, we concluded that the Christian worldview demands we confess God as the first cause, Adam and Eve as special creation in God's image, and sin as the cause of death. Though there are brothers and sisters in Christ who may disagree on certain details (even important details), these are foundational issues that we must not compromise. We submit to the authority of God's word and embrace it without shame.

Listen to Sunday's sermon on The Doctrine of Creation


This week's sermon will focus on our position concerning gender, marriage and sexuality. In a day and age where much confusion and emotion abounds surrounding these controversial subjects, it is vital that we allow God's word to shine light and speak authoritatively. Please pray that God would give us both courage and compassion, discernment and humility, as we gather to hear the word on Sunday. Pray that any in our midst experiencing confusion or temptation would be encouraged and helped, and that unbelievers would hear the clear call of the gospel.


Due to the topic we are addressing, terms like "homosexual practice, same-sex attraction, gender identity and expression" will be used. I intend to be discreet and not unnecessarily explicit, but I want you to be aware in advance in case you are not wanting to discuss these topics with your children yet. This week we will be opening up our children's class to accommodate older elementary children. Please feel free to utilize this option if you desire.


On Friday, April 14th, we are going to be having a "Darkening Service" at the Carnegie Building from 7-8pm. This will be a sober time of reflecting on the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross, and will consist of readings and congregational singing. As the lights grow progressively darker throughout the evening, we will trace the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross. As we finish with the death of Christ, the lights will all be off. Death and darkness. We will leave in silence, reflecting on the awfulness of His suffering on our behalf and the grief He endured. Then we will return with joy to celebrate the rest of the story on Easter Sunday - resurrection!


On Thursday April 27th the Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence will be hosting their annual banquet from 7-9pm in the Ballroom of the KU Memorial Union. If you would be interested in attending and learning more about this local ministry, please contact Craig Miller.