Last week we addressed the question of whether or not the miraculous gifts are operative today. Though not a matter of orthodoxy, it is both personally and corporately important that we rightly understand the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Based on the testimony of scripture and the testimony of history, we teach that these gifts are no longer normative or necessary for the church today. Does this mean we are "anti-supernatural" or "anti-spiritual-gifts"? Does it mean we minimize the role and ministry of the Holy Spirit? Absolutely not! Rather we simply acknowledge that God's work in this age is in some ways different than during the establishment of the church.

Listen to "Are All the Gifts for Today?"


This week we will be taking a break from our series on doctrine to study Hebrews 12:25-29. I invite you to read through this text this week and pray with me that God would give us a clear vision of who He is, resulting in worship that honors Him.


Don't forget, this Sunday we will be meeting at the Arterra Event Gallery. (2161 Quail Creek Dr, Lawrence, KS 66047). We'll begin worship at 10am like usual.


Many of you know and pray for the Warnes in Mexico and the Johansens in Brazil. Here is an update from Roger from their ministry. Let's rejoice with them and continue to pray for God's work to be done! If you would like to contribute to missions at Redemption Hill you can indicate that on the memo of your check or you can designate "missions" when you give online.

Reproduction is one goal of missions

It is always a joy to see the Lord take a sinner out of the kingdom of darkness and put him/her into the kingdom of light. As I get older, it gets more exciting to see those under your ministry be a part of that reproduction ministry. It is a joy to see others being a part of evangelism and discipleship. We are thankful for Felipe being snatched from the flames of hell into God's glorious family. Felipe is a young man who comes from a rough family. Felipe's parents do not know the Lord and used to be against anything related to the church. However, for the last six months, Felipe has been coming to youth events. He asked questions that showed he had been thinking through life, Christ and the future. Jonathan, our 15 year old son, had the opportunity to share with Felipe in many ways. Then, Jordan and Joshua (coming from Bible College) arrived and hosted a youth retreat. At the youth retreat testimonies were shared, and the Word was proclaimed. When Sunday arrived, Joshua preached the gospel at a packed service. Felipe came urgently to Joshua and myself and shared, "I have to accept Christ as fast as possible, for I do not want to wait any longer." It was great to see my kids involved in the process. One of our Bible College students, Lucas, will disciple Felipe. Pray for Felipe's growth. Pray for God to continue to reproduce and multiply His ministry.

Another piece of exciting news.....

BGFM is heading to Portugal! Some of you may remember that I am part of a mission leadership that is called BGFM (Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission). BGFM has always worked within Brazil, but with ministries reproducing and growing, the need to reach the world has become a reality. We praise the Lord for Brazilians who are rising up to the call to take the gospel to the uttermost parts. Pray for Adil and family as we prepare with them to have a new field in Europe, in Portugal.

Praise the Lord for reproduction.

Thanks for your prayers and cares,
- Roger for all