On Sunday we looked at what the scripture teaches about the doctrine of sanctification. Those who believe are set apart unto God, we are made holy as saints. This happens initially in a positional sense; we have been sanctified. But it then continues progressively in a practical sense; we are being sanctified. This change God produces in us is a blood-bought blessing of our redemption, a work of the Holy Spirit, and a necessary evidence of true conversion. Are you pursuing sanctification this week? Are you seeking conformity to Christ, spiritual maturity, and growth in holiness? May God give us strength and resolve to exercise holy and humble effort as we seek to live out our identity in Christ.

Listen to The Doctrine of Sanctification


This Sunday we will be dealing with the question of whether or not miraculous spiritual gifts are for today. You can read our position on this issue our statement of faith. This is an issue that can and has caused much controversy and confusion in the church. Let's pray for wisdom and a clear understanding of what the bible teaches. Pray that we would understand the role of the Spirit and honor Him in how we describe His ongoing ministry.