Sunday we completed our study on doctrine by examining the eschatalogical topics of the millennial kingdom and eternal state. We teach that the kingdom anticipated throughout scripture and described in Revelation 20 is future and physical, and that it follows the return of Christ. We teach that after 1000 years this transitional kingdom gives way to the eternal state, a restored and remade heaven and earth in which God dwells with redeemed humanity in a redeemed creation. This is the end of the story, and a reality that should shape our living in the present! Where is your treasure? Are you seeking joy and purpose and meaning in the temporary things of the world? Or are you seeking the things above? Let's enjoy God's gifts today in this world as a foretaste of the joy to come. And let's face loss with hope, knowing that our ultimate inheritance can never be taken away.

Listen to "Eschatology - Distinctives P2"


Before launching into our upcoming series on Genesis, we are going to take a week and focus in on Psalm 51. The Psalms are rich tapestry of worship, anguish, rejoicing, longing, praise, and prayer. Take some time this week to read Psalm 51 and consider how this song might shine light on our own hearts and on the character of God. Pray with me that the realities of sin and grace would be powerfully seen on Sunday as we gather for worship.


We have an amazing opportunity to minister to people from all around the world ... without ever leaving Lawrence! Below are some opportunities shared our friends at Intervarsity:

1. Drive on a Tour of Lawrence (Aug 5 & 12 – 10am)

Very simple! Take 2-3 students on a short spin around our town. We provide a map, some info to share – and students!

2. Donate some things to our Welcome GiveAway (Aug 5)

We collect nice, used furniture, household items to help the new international families set up their apartment.

3. Be a Friendship Family

Only 20% of internationals are ever invited into an American home! Reach out to one or two students for the school year. This is a fun way to care for students by having them over for dinner, or a movie, or a birthday party. It is also an opportunity to bring them to visit church. Your commitment is to see them twice during the semester – just reach out and let them know a family, see a home, and experience something beyond the campus.

4. Weekly Conversation Partner

This is the ultimate - you build a special friendship, are a tremendous help to the student --- and have an in-depth witness through your love and words. You meet weekly at the time and place convenient to you and your partner and simply talk so they can improve their spoken English. (lunch, tea/coffee…) We need Americans from 18-88 – for undergrads, graduate students, post-docs and visiting professors.