On Sunday we began part one of a two-week examination of eschatology, the doctrine of the last things. We laid out the "load-bearing walls," the essential elements of eschatology that must be affirmed in order for the biblical storyline to hold together. Jesus is returning, will establish His kingdom, there will be a resurrection, and heaven and hell are real and eternal. Without these key truths the Christian faith falls apart. Let's live this week in light of eternity and cling to the gospel as we proclaim it to the world.

Listen to "Eschatology - P1"


This week we will conclude our series through doctrine by dealing with the more specific details concerning the return of Christ and the establishment of His kingdom. Pray that God would help us to understand the sometimes complex elements of the future, and that we would see the glory of Christ in the events surrounding His return.


On Sunday we will be voting on two measures: the adoption of a budget for the coming year, and the adoption of our church constitutions and bylaws. If you would like to review our constitution and bylaws please let me know (copies were available Sunday). Also, contact the budget team if you have any questions on the budget before Sunday.