Sunday's sermon looked into God's work of creation in Genesis 1:1-2:3. The Genesis account of creation does more than simply answer the "how and when" questions; it answers the "who and why" questions. God unfolded creation over six days instead of all at once in order to teach us something about Himself. Creation reveals God's glorious power, nature, and purpose. Since God is powerful, we must worship and fear Him above all else. Since God is good, benevolent, wise, and gracious, we must trust Him. Since God's created us for a reason, we must embrace and submit to His divine purpose. Let's pray this week that the story of creation would shape the way we live, work, and worship.

Listen to "God's Glory Revealed in His Work of Creation"


This week we will be studying the creation of man in Genesis 2:2-25. Please take a few moments to read through these verses before Sunday and pray that through the teaching of the word God would shape our understanding of ourselves, our purpose, our nature, and our relationship with Him.