Last week we looked at Jesus's teaching on the greatest commandment. We are to love God supremely and love others sacrificially. These obligations are rooted in a true understanding of who God actually is. This love is a right response to His identity and nature. Theology inspires and compels worship. If this is who God really is, He must be worshiped, adored, treasured, obeyed and loved. And our love for Him will be expressed not only vertically, but horizontally as we imitate Him by loving those created in His image. The more we come to understand these obligations, the more precious Christ becomes to us, understanding that only Christ can fulfill this law perfectly, and He has done so on our behalf.Let's meditate on the person and work of Christ this week, that we might love Him more and display that love to the world.

If you missed the sermon Sunday you can listen here.

Also, the sermon at Countryside this last week focused on the second commandment, and we commend it to you as well. It contains some excellent application geared towards evangelism in our current cultural situation.


This week we will be looking at Mark 12:35-40. As always, we encourage you to take some time before Sunday to read this text and prayerfully prepare your own heart to come and worship our Savior. Please pray that the word would be proclaimed clearly and received personally.