On Sunday we examined Genesis 3:1-7 and the fall of man in the garden. Satan's cunning strategy of temptation and the fatal errors of Adam and Eve are examples we must learn from. Our experience of temptation and sin has much in common. Not only do we learn about ourselves in the fall, we also begin to see our need for Christ. Only when we understand how things went wrong in the beginning will we understand what it will take for salvation to be accomplished. There must be death for sin, and there must be perfect obedience for eternal life. In His grace, the Son of God becomes a man to provide for us perfect obedience and to die in our place.

This week let's be on guard against the enemy, believe the truth about God's nature and the goodness of his word, and trust in Christ as the one who rescues from the fall.

Listen to "The Fall of Man"



This Sunday we will be studying the results of man's sin in the garden, the consequences and curses in Genesis 3:8-24. Take a few moments to read the test and pray that God would grant us understanding and a strengthen us to believe and obey what we hear. A few questions to consider as you read:

  • What was the immediate result of their sin? What were the ongoing effects on mankind and creation?
  • What evidence of hope and grace are evident?
  • How does this story repeat itself in our lives? What do you have in common with Adam and Eve?
  • How does the curse manifest itself in our day and age? How have you personally been affected?