Last Sunday we looked at Mark 13:28-37 and worked through the often disputed interpretation of Jesus' claim that "this generation will not pass away until all these things take place." We also briefly considered the question of whether or not Jesus could return at any time. But the main take away was from the clear and undisputed points that all orthodox Christians hold to - that Jesus will return, He will judge the wicked and reward the righteous, crushing Satan and making all things new. We will live forever with Him in a glorious and eternal kingdom with no sin, no suffering, no death and no sadness. In light of this, our present responsibilities become clear. We must not live for the things of the world, because they are temporary. And we must urgently share the gospel with those who are not ready to meet the Lord when He returns.

listen to "The Beginning of the End - pt3"


This week's sermon will be from Mark 14:1-11. I encourage you to read this text and pray that Jesus would be exalted in our time of worship on Sunday. Pray that our hearts would be soft and that God's Spirit would work mightily in and through us for the glory of Christ.


On Saturday, September 24th from 1-7pm is the 17th annual men's steakout in Wellsville, KS. This is an evangelistic outreach event, offering an opportunity for you to invite a friend, coworker or neighbor who needs Christ. The cost is $15 each and includes a full steak dinner and nearly a dozen competitions and prizes. In the evening we will hear two testimonies sharing how God has worked in the lives of two individuals, followed by a clear gospel call. Be thinking now who God might want you to bring. We will have a sign up sheet out this Sunday.


Our next youth activity will be September 11th, from 5-8pm at the home of Craig and Lori Miller. Bring $5 for hot dogs and s'mores. Please RSVP to