Last Sunday we considered the contrast between two characters in Mark 14 - the woman who sacrificed her money for Jesus, and Judas, who sacrificed Jesus for money. We noted how this anonymous woman (in Mark's account) is held up as a model of genuine discipleship. Seeing who Jesus truly is and understanding what He came to do should move us to worship. Jesus is infinitely worthy of all we have and all we are. He must be our greatest treasure. How are you doing this week? Is Jesus becoming increasingly precious to you? Is He your joy and satisfaction, or does someone or something else occupy your heart? Let's treasure Christ together this week as we seek Him and serve Him.

Listen to Sunday's sermon "Adoration and Exploitation" from Mark 14:1-11


This week's sermon will be from Mark 14:12-21. Please take some time to read and reflect on this passage as we prepare to gather for worship Sunday. Pray with me that our minds would be enlightened with truth, our hearts stirred to worship, and our will's moved to obedience.


Don't forget that this week we will NOT be meeting at the Carnegie building. Since the Carnegie is unavailable, we will be meeting once again at the Union Pacific Depot. The following week we will be able to resume meeting at the Carnegie Building.


On Sunday evening September 18th from 5-9pm we will be having a church-wide picnic at Prairie Park. Mark your calendars and plan to come for a time of food, games, and enjoying time as a church family together.


On Saturday, September 24th from 1-7pm is the 17th annual men's steakout in Wellsville, KS. This is an evangelistic outreach event, offering an opportunity for you to invite a friend, coworker or neighbor who needs Christ. The cost is $15 each and includes a full steak dinner and many competitions and prizes. In the evening we will hear two testimonies sharing how God has worked in the lives of two individuals, followed by a clear gospel call. Be thinking now who God might want you to bring. We will have a sign up sheet out again this Sunday.