This last Sunday we looked at the danger of unbelief in Mark 8:11-26. Unbelief is spiritual blindness. But the good news is that this blindness doesn't have to be a permanent condition. How are you doing this week? Are we remembering what he has done for us? Are we trusting in Him? Are we bringing the blind to Him so that He might make them to see? if you missed it you can listen online.


This Sunday we will be looking at Mark 8:27-33. Please join me in reading through this text and praying that God would open our eyes to see the truth and understand the implications for our lives. Pray that our faith would be strengthened and that Christ would be exalted in our hearts and in our church.


Men, be sure to register ASAP for the annual Ironmen Summit on January 23rd. it sells out fast. The them will be "Soul Care." I believe this topic is extremely relevent to our mission here in Lawrence as we seek to glorify God by being and making disciples. Below is a description of this theme from their website:

Are you a soul shepherd? Do you have a wife to lead, children to raise, a ministry to oversee, employees to guide, or a classroom to teach? If you are not actively shepherding now, you will in the future. So a better question would be:

"Are you a good shepherd?"

Looking to our Good Shepherd we see that Jesus does more than put a roof over our heads and bread on the table. Our Good Shepherd restores our soul. Further, our Good Shepherd will use willing servants to shepherd his other sheep. Husbands will wash their wives with the water of the Word, fathers will raise their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord, and church leaders will keep watch over souls.

All men, sooner or later will do the work of a soul shepherd. When that day comes what will you do? Will you seek the wisdom of Dr. Phil, a self help book, or the local therapist? Or will you open the Word and minister the healing elixir of truth? Join us on January 23rd, 2016, where we will seek to train you to become soul shepherds.

You can view the speakers, schedule, and registration info here.


This year Countryside is celebrating 25 years of ministry as a church. There will be a special banquet Saturday evening November 24th, but you need to RSVP if you plan to come. You can do so here.