On Sunday we continued our series Living By the Book by looking about what Scripture says to parents. God has given parents a unique opportunity and privilege to invest in their children's lives. He calls parents to bring children up in loving discipline and instruction in the Lord. It is tempting to avoid discipline and instruction and let kids be kids, but this is a disservice to children. Rather, parents should embrace the grace and power of the gospel and extend it to their children.

Unfortunately, we were unable to capture the audio, but if you are interested in reviewing the material further extensive notes are available upon request. 


This week our series takes us to what the Bible says to senior saints. The american dream holds great promises of retirement and relaxation after years of dedicated work and service, but there are greater promises in the Bible. Whether you are at this stage of life now or are thinking about your future, we all need to consider God's plan for the latter years of our lives. Take some time this week to read Titus 2:1-5 and consider the following questions:

  • What instruction does God give to senior saints?
  • What promises has God given senior saints in the Bible?
  • How does our culture view retirement?
  • How do you view retirement?

Please take a moment in preparation for this Sunday to pray for those God will bring to the service, both believers and unbelievers, and that he will work in their hearts to understand the Scripture and apply it to their hearts. Pray for JD as he prepares and proclaims God's Word, and for the Holy Spirit to work through his words and in the hearts of all who hear. Pray that God would defeat our enemy's attempts to hinder the proclamation of the gospel at Redemption Hill.

Please remember that we are currently taking a break from our Sunday School until the beginning of January, so if you come at 9:30 you will just have some extra time to fellowship. Our main service remains at 10:30.


Below are the songs we will be singing together on Sunday. Use this as a resource to learn unfamiliar songs, to meditate on Christ-centered truth throughout the week, and teach your children songs that will fill their minds and shape their hearts.

Crown Him With Many Crowns
Come Thou Fount
He Will Hold Me Fast
Take My Life