This past week's sermon from Genesis 35 recounted the return of Jacob to Bethel and the completion of his family. His return to Bethel marks the end of his physical and spiritual journey. As we consider the life of Jacob several important truths emerge that must shape our own walk of faith. Like Jacob, our journey of faith requires purification, must be directed by the commands of God, is sustained by the promises of God, and depends ultimately on the grace of God.

Listen to Jacob's Journey Complete


This week we will begin a new section of Genesis - the story of Joseph. Take some time to read chapter 37 and consider these questions:

  • How is the Joseph story shaped by the covenant promises? (You may need to read ahead to see the big picture).
  • Though God is not mentioned, how is His sovereign hand seen to be at work?
  • Consider the tension between what is promised (in the dreams) and what transpires (the selling of Joseph into slavery). What should this teach us about walking by faith?
  • How does the story of Joseph point us to another story rejection, betrayal, wrongful conviction, and eventual salvation and glory?

Pray with me that our confidence in the wise and faithful providence of God would be deepened as we read through the life of Joseph. Pray that those who do not know the Lord would be drawn to the God who graciously saves undeserving sinners by providing a Rescuer.


Below are the songs we will be singing together on Sunday. Use this as a resource to learn unfamiliar songs, to meditate on Christ-centered truth throughout the week, and teach your children songs that will fill their minds and shape their hearts.

Across The Lands
All I Have Is Christ
When I Survey
By Faith