On Sunday we began the final section of Genesis - the story of Jacob's sons, especially Joseph. We saw that God's providence ensures the fulfillment of God's promises. Joseph's story shows us that God doesn't just accomplish His plan despite problems, setbacks, and even sin, He actually uses such circumstances to advance His purposes. Let's remember the two priciples for application this week, 1) that God's promises do not exempt us from the problems of life and 2) that the problems of life can never stop the fulfillment of God's promises. This means we can wait on the Lord, persevere through opposition, and endure personal suffering, because we know that God works all things together for good (Rom. 8:28).

Due to a technical problem we were unable to capture the audio for this week's sermon.


This Sunday we will be studying Genesis 38. Parents, you are welcome to send you elementary age children down for our kids class during the sermon if you think it best (this chapter recounts the concepts of conception and contraception, incest, and prostitution).Take some time to read chapter 38 and consider these questions:

  • What parallels do you see between this story and the stories that come both before and after?
  • How does this story continue the theme of God's providence ensures the fulfillment of God's promises?
  • What elements of justice do you see? What elements of grace?
  • You will want to also read Genesis 49:8-12 (Judah), Ruth 4:13-22 (Perez), and Mathew 1:1-17 (Tamar) to see how this story, though shocking, is an essential piece of the larger biblical narrative.

Let's pray for a deeper understanding of God's grace and glory, and for a heart that rejoices in and trusts Him.