Last week we looked at some practical application of the truths laid out in the first half of Colossians. Chapter 3:12-14 showed us the fruit that God's grace should produce in believers. Just like putting on clothes, believers are commanded to put on the virtues that reflect the grace they have been given in Christ.

Did any of the attributes believers are commanded to put on stand out to you? Spend some time considering what it means to show compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, patience, and love.

Listen to Put On The New


On Sunday we turn to Hosea chapters 7-8. These chapters take an extended look at the nature of sin. to prepare for this Sunday, read the chapters and think about the following questions:

  • What are some reasons that sin is so dangerous?
  • What is the meaning of the metaphor of the oven in 7:3-7?
  • How does sin become so appealing during times of temptation?
  • What is the significance of the proclamation in 8:11?

Let's pray that God's word is clearly proclaimed and received on Sunday. Pray for believers to be encouraged and strengthened, for unbelievers to be drawn to Christ, and for God to be glorified in all we do.


Below are the songs we will be singing together on Sunday. Use this as a resource to learn unfamiliar songs, to meditate on Christ-centered truth throughout the week, and teach your children songs that will fill their minds and shape their hearts.

I Sing the Mighty Power of God
Holy Holy Holy
Only a Holy God
Before the Throne