On Sunday we considered the inconvenient truth about sin. We don't like to think about the nature of sin, but disregarding it can lead to disastrous consequences. We must take a hard look at sin and then turn to Christ in repentance to receive his forgiveness for our sin.

Spend some time this week evaluating your life in regard to sin. What lies about sin do you believe? What motivations and desires lead you to give into temptations? What is missing about your view of God that minimizes sin?

Listen to The Nature of Sin


This week we continue in Hosea as we prepare to hear from chapters 9 and 10. These chapters shift from condemning Israel's sin to proclaiming God's judgment on them. As we approach Sunday, take some time to read Hosea 9 and 10 and think about the following questions:

  • What gives God the right to judge sin?
  • Does God's judgment seem too harsh? (Especially 9:11-4, 16, 10:14-15)
  • How do you respond when you are confronted with God's judgment on sin?
  • How does the hopeful message of 10:12 relate to the rest of the chapter?

Let's pray that God's word is clearly proclaimed and received on Sunday. Pray for believers to be encouraged and strengthened, for unbelievers to be drawn to Christ, and for God to be glorified in all we do.


Below are the songs we will be singing together on Sunday. Use this as a resource to learn unfamiliar songs, to meditate on Christ-centered truth throughout the week, and teach your children songs that will fill their minds and shape their hearts.