Last Sunday's sermon dealt with the temptation of Joseph in Potiphar's house in Genesis 39. We reflected together on the importance of integrity. Joseph's fear of God provided the moral backbone to refuse the advances of Potiphar's wife and moved him to act wisely in his dealings with her. But we also saw that integrity can have a cost. Joseph ended up in prison on the basis of a false accusation. But the story is about more than Joseph's character, it is about God's providence as well. God's was with Joseph in all his adversity to bless him and providentially advance him to where he needed to be. Let's seek to trust God and walk in wisdom and integrity this week.

Listen to Joseph in Potiphar's House

Attached is the scripture resource mentioned Sunday, titled "FIGHT." When facing the pressure of temptation we must 1) fear the Lord, 2) incline our hearts to the Lord, 3) guard our steps, 4) hate sin and 5) treasure Christ. This document contains many passages of scripture for reading, meditation, and memorization, so that you can wield the "sword of the Spirit" in the battle against sin.


This week we will be covering Genesis 40-41. Take some time to read these two chapters and consider the following questions:

  • What elements of this story are similar to what has come before? How might Joseph's previous experiences have prepared him?
  • Consider Joseph's work ethic and response to the two royal prisoners. What does that say about his perspective and character?
  • Look at Joseph's response to Pharaoh in 41:16, how might this statement have confronted popular Egyptian assumptions?
  • What does the naming of Joseph's two sons reveal about Joseph's perspective?

Let's pray that our time together Sunday would honor God, encourage our hearts, and make an impact on those who may not know Christ. Pray that the truths sung and preached would unite us in the truth, sharpen our thinking, and direct our desires to God and His glory.