Last Sunday we held our first service in the new building! Pastor Mike Summers of Countryside Church shared some powerful perspective from Isaiah 6, urging us to remember Who is on the throne. God's holy glory and authority are the constant realities that ground us in times of turmoil.

Listen to "Perspective for a Nation in Crisis"


This week Steven Parkin will be preaching on the subject of forgiveness. Read Ps 103, Rom 3:23-26, Eph 4:32-5:1, and Rom 12:14-19 and consider:

  • Why is forgiveness important?
  • What is God's forgiveness like?
  • What place does forgiveness have in our relationships with each other?

Let's pray for the word to go forth with power, and for God's glory to be seen and known. Let's pray our hearts would be hungry for and responsive to God's truth, and that our faith would be strengthened.