Paul tells us in 2 Timothy that we must preach the Word. We were challenged this past Sunday that we must do so because people still oppose the truth and because God still uses the truth. A desire to preach the truth should lead us to spend time in God's Word so we can know it and love it, and it should spur us onto loving reproof, rebuke, and exhortation. Spend some time considering how you can preach the Word to those around you. Think about the time you put into studying God's Word and the way in which you speak it to others.

Listen to "Preach It"


JD's sermon from Genesis 49 and 50 will be our final message from this wonderful book. We will see the conclusion to the stories of several main characters from Genesis. We will look back at what God has done in and through the lives oh his people and learn about the nature of forgiveness, mercy, and faith. Take some time to read Genesis 49 verses 28-33 and all of chapter 50 and think on the following questions:

  • What can we learn about God from Joseph's statement "You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good"? Jacob commanded his sons to bury him in Canaan, and Joseph commands his brothers to do the same when the time comes. Why is this important?
  • How would you define forgiveness?
  • Why were Joseph's brothers scared that he wouldn't truly forgive them?

Please take a moment in preparation for this Sunday to pray for those God will bring to the service, both believers and unbelievers, and that he will work in their hearts to understand the Scripture and apply it to their hearts. Pray for JD as he prepares and proclaims God's Word, and for the Holy Spirit to work through his words and in the hearts of all who hear. Pray that God would defeat our enemy's attempts to hinder the proclamation of the gospel at Redemption Hill.

As we will be taking communion on Sunday, it would be beneficial to spend time reflecting on what Jesus did on the cross for us.


Below are the songs we will be singing together on Sunday. Use this as a resource to learn unfamiliar songs, to meditate on Christ-centered truth throughout the week, and teach your children songs that will fill their minds and shape their hearts.

Glorious and Mighty
How Great is our God
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
When Love Came Down to Earth
Psalm 62