This past Sunday, Steven Parkin preached on the forgiveness of God from Romans 3:21-26. Ultimately, forgiveness reveals the righteousness of God. We cannot earn a righteous standing by our own efforts of keeping the law. But Christ has made propitiation for our sin, appeasing God's just wrath, and he grants us his own righteousness so that we meet God's perfect standard. This marvelous gift is received through faith - trusting in God's promise and provision through the gospel.

Let's live this week with the joyful confidence of those who have been justified by God!

Listen to Forgiveness Reveals God's Righteousness


This Sunday pastor JD will return to the series in Exodus. Read Exodus 13:17-14:31 and spend a few minutes prayerfully preparing your heart and mind to engage God's word:

  • What is the significance of the pillar of cloud and fire?
  • Why did they take the bones of Joseph with them?
  • What reasons can you think of for why God parted the sea?
  • What is the people's attitude before the parting of sea? After?

Please pray for those who will be in attendance, and those who will be watching online, that hearts would be soft and teachable. Pray for pastor JD to preach God's word clearly and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that God would be magnified in our midst.


Below are the songs we plan to sing on Sunday. Use this list to familiarize yourself with any songs that may be new to you. We want everyone to participate in singing!