To our members, friends, and family at Redemption Hill Church,

I have communicated with our deacons, and our plan (as of Friday evening) for this Sunday is to have our regular Sunday School hour at 9:30am and our main worship service at 10:30am. There is a possibility that at some point the city will close the Carnegie Building and not allow group access, in which case we will need to resort to plan B. However, for the moment we are still able to meet and we do not feel the need to cancel our Sunday gathering. I plan to take a break from James and open the Psalms to help us think and feel and act in a God-centered manner during this unusual time in our world.

That being said, we do want to be sensitive to the needs of those in our body as well as the needs of our community. If you do not feel well, please stay home and rest. That is the best way to love your church family and love your neighbors! If you have any underlying health problems that make you more susceptible to this virus, or if you are older in age, please do not hesitate to stay home. Such action is wise. For those who simply feel concerned and are uneasy being around a group of people, please feel free to stay home as well. We do not intend to coerce or pressure anyone to attend.

For those who do attend, let's wash our hands and avoid physical contact, but come with hearts eager to worship Christ! Rather than looking at our world, we must look to the word. We fix our gaze not on a virus, but on the sovereign Savior who sits even now on the throne. We rejoice, sing, pray, and trust our good and gracious God with our past, our present, and our future.

In Christ,

Pastor JD Summers